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Claire Adams is a freelance photographer who works in both the private and commercial sectors. She has over 25 years of experience divided between Verona, Italy where she has lived for 20 years and Australia, her country of origin. 

Her commercial clients include: Banca Mediolanum, Airbnb, Chef Davide Comaschi, Vini Allegrini, Montblanc, Cesarin, Enoitalia, Capatoast, Cesaro & Associati, Savim, Milkman, JobGym, The Pop-Up Hotel, Solco, CEL, Engim, Booking.com, Don Mazza, EthicsGo, Quarella, 2Night, Hikari S.R.L, Hell's Kitchen, Helen Accessories, Gruppo Sinergia, Glaxo Smith Kline.

In addition she has collaborated with hundreds of private clients, documenting their most private and precious moments, from weddings to baptisms.

Veronese d'adozione

Claire Adams è una fotografa freelance che opera sia nel settore privato che in quello commerciale. Vanta oltre 25 anni di esperienza suddivisi tra Verona, Italia, dove ha vissuto per 20 anni, e l'Australia, il suo paese d'origine.

About me

Silence is golden... but duct tape is silver.

I'm a bit of a mixed bag. I was born in New York to a Dutch mother and an English father, grew up between the surf and the city in Australia and have lived in Italy for twenty years. I think this mix of influences has helped me along the way with my work. I love that each day is different and I never know who I'll be photographing tomorrow. I love trying to crack the inner code of the person or place I’m capturing and I love that my 'office' may be anything from a store room to a wheat field.

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“Great photography is about depth of feeling, not depth of field.”


Please fill out the form with your request and I'll get back to you ASAP. Feel free to call or Whatsapp me or, if you're in Verona, drop into my studio for a coffee and a chat. You'll find me in the old Artist's Workshop (Bottega degli Artigiani) by the river.

Address: Via Macello, 19 - Verona 37122, Italy

Phone/Whatsapp: +39 348 705 2118

E-mail: info@claireadams.it